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Fun Things to Do in Larnaca during Lockdown


Larnaca is a peaceful holiday destination offering tourists an excellent glimpse of traditional Cypriot life. With the current global pandemic, Larnaca has taken stringent measures to keep its residents safe.

The country is taking all steps to locate positive cases and trace their contacts and is currently ranked fourth in the world for testing. The President confirmed that they would go ahead with a gradual easing of measures and hoped that in a couple of months, all measures would be lifted. Unusual times call for creative measures! Staying at home can make you feel low, and that is why we have come up with some fun ways to help you beat the lockdown blues.

Dish Out Mouth-watering Cyprus Cuisine

Cyprus cuisine is an exciting blend of Greek and Turkish traditions. Cooking is not only calming, but it is also a delight to try out new dishes. You can try making Moussaka (an eggplant-based dish with lamb and potatoes), Stifado (beef stewed in tomato sauce), or some lip-smacking desserts like rizogalo (rice pudding).

Experience the Larnaca Medieval Castle

You can make a bucket list of places you wish to visit in Larnaca in the future. You could enjoy a glimpse of some attractions without having to step out, such as the 14th-century Larnaca Medieval Castle. Grab a cup of coffee and enjoy updating your travel list!

Visit: Larnaca Medieval Fort (Castle) – Virtual Tour

Have a Karaoke Night

If you are craving for a karaoke night with your friends, then you can still do it from home. Check out apps like AirConsole, and get ready to sing your favourite hits with your pals.

Catch up on Films

You don't need to pay for a subscription to catch up on films. You can watch some free and excellent movies at Openculture. The site has a great list of over 1100 free movies, and you can read the movie-preview and watch them.

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