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5 Reasons to Book a Cruise in Larnaca

Credit: Piqsels

City life can be exciting, especially when you’re traveling to beautiful Cyprus but there is something even more stunning to discover- the sea views Larnaca has to offer. From historic attractions to modern nightclubs, there is a lot this city offers and nothing is more special than exploring the Larnaca straight from the sea. Here are all the reasons why need to book a cruise when you’re visiting Larnaca.

Stunning Shoreline Views

Watching the scenic views from one of the several beaches in Larnaca is pretty special, but the jaw-dropping views of the city skyline from the boat are even more worth it. From sunrise to sunset views of the bustling city, you can take your pick. All you need is some good food & good company as you soak in the city landscape.

Ideal for Privacy

If you're booking a flight to Larnaca and want to spend most of your time enjoying the beach and swimming in the sea, then booking a cruise can help give you a slight edge. While several of the beaches in the city are packed with locals and tourists, a cruise offers you a private experience that you can enjoy without getting any undesirable audience.

Credit: Pxhere

Enjoy Water Sports Activities

There's no better way to enjoy swimming, surfing, or even snorkeling than when you're out in the sea. You can try jet skiing, jumping off the boats, and even just diving in to watch the thriving marine life. The pristine clear waters in Larnaca are unmatched and a joy for all outdoor enthusiasts.

Perfect for Socialization

You can have fun working on your tan by the beach, but it's worth it when you're on a cruise, and have your friends and family lounging beside you. You don't have to worry about security or unwanted attention and can do what you like, which includes fine dining, romantic dinners, and even sunset parties on board. Win-win!

Snorkelling Historic Ruins

If you're a history lover then you need to book a private cruise when you're in Larnaca simply for the historic wreckage MS Zenobia. Just a few kilometers away from the city shoreline, this is a popular spot for diving enthusiasts looking for an adventure. It's exciting learning the history and how it is today.

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