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Join a Coastal Carnival for Kataklysmos in Picturesque Larnaca

Dancer girls
Credit: Pixabay/Dimitris Vetsikas

Dipped in the hues of joy and fervour, it's time you plan to visit Larnaca to celebrate the delightful essence of Kataklysmos (the festival of flood). The festive spirit will not only uplift the spirits of travel enthusiasts, but it's an outstanding opportunity to check out the nooks and corners of the mesmerising city. With plenty of sightseeing prospects and more, join in the fun and festivities.

The traditions and celebrations

Kataklysmos is one of the most anticipated holidays where the city gears up for the largest and oldest celebration. The festival of the flood is a unique festival with its origins coursing back to Christian traditions and ancient Greek mythology. The word kataklysmos resonates with the biblical great flood of Noah and his ark.

With pagan roots and waterfront feasts, the city has been celebrating the festival annually for over 100 years. During the festival week, the whole city comes alive with a wide variety of fun activities. Typically, celebrated at the end of May or the beginning of June, remember to double-check the dates to plan participating in the festivities.

The cultural performances

You'll love the premium entertainment with featured acts, folkloric and modern music and dance, puppet shadow theatre, and other traditional Cypriot programs. It's no wonder - with such rich heritage, the festival is included in the UNESCO National List of Intangible Cultural Heritage.

Explore the seaside towns

The most gorgeous coastal villages are around Larnaca. For anyone who is a travel enthusiast, get ready to plan sightseeing and day trips and enjoy the sandy beaches and sparkling waters of some of the best coastal villages.

Food and shopping

How can food not be the heart of any festivity? Head to the city's beaches and experience an open-air celebration that's teeming with kiosks of various types. Hit the food kiosks to taste every flavour. Visitors can dig into foods from crepes to chocolates and more. Have a fun time sampling the local delicacies with friends and family.

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