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Thumbnail for Drive-By 7 Scenic places to visit from Larnaca

Drive-By 7 Scenic places to visit from Larnaca

April 21, 2022
Sun, sand and the sea; sounds like the perfect vacation, especially if you have been living in the frigid winter of cities like Brussels or Prague. In Larnaca, one can pack up some shorts, grab your favourite dresses & sunglasses and go swimming without any worry. Rent a car for easy travel and take a holiday to enjoy & experience the stunning scenic views across Cyprus with a road trip to remember! Take lots of pictures!
Thumbnail for Unwind with Souvenir Shopping in Larnaca

Unwind with Souvenir Shopping in Larnaca

March 23, 2022
Whether you love the scenic coastline or the historic landmarks, Larnaca is a city that has a lot to offer. This Cypriot city with a near-perfect climate all year round is one of the favourite destinations in Europe. If you plan to visit Cyprus, then book a flight to Cyprus and discover many things during your trip. Also, do not forget to buy Cypriotic souvenirs for your loved ones.
Thumbnail for Larnaca’s Best Fine-Dining Restaurants

Larnaca’s Best Fine-Dining Restaurants

February 17, 2022
Do you know that the best way to pamper yourself is by eating fine food? Larnaca has no shortage of the best hotels and restaurants. If you are a complete foodie lover, then we recommend heading over to some of the best dining spots money can buy. Why save when you can splurge on something delicious! Open those purse strings and take-out or dine in with friends and family!
Thumbnail for Discover Well-Known Kamares Aqueduct from Larnaca

Discover Well-Known Kamares Aqueduct from Larnaca

January 21, 2022
The pleasant winter conditions in the coastal Cypriot city prove to be helpful when it comes to exploring the outdoors, especially while maintaining social distance. There are plenty of sightseeing landmarks around Larnaca, but we recommend hiring a car and heading over to the Kamares Aqueduct.

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