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Thumbnail for Larnaca in Winter: Exciting Things to Do

Larnaca in Winter: Exciting Things to Do

November 29, 2023
As a port city in southern Cyprus, you can find the row of sandy white beaches, the historic local attractions or the idyllic weather in Larnaca all year round. Even if temperatures do drop, it's never freezing, which means you can still dress up, enjoy the holiday festivities and get a chance to explore like a local. If you're planning to visit the city during the winter season, especially in December, here are a few exciting things you can check out. Enjoy!
Thumbnail for 5 Towns & Villages to Explore Near Larnaca

5 Towns & Villages to Explore Near Larnaca

October 26, 2023
Wandering around the same tourist attractions and visiting the same old beaches can get boring pretty fast, especially if you're a frequent traveller to Larnaca. Try something new during the holidays and plan road trips to visit the quaint rural villages and picturesque cities just a short distance from Larnaca. All you need is to rent a car, grab a map & blast some music! Happy travels!
Thumbnail for Larnaca for Families: Things to Do

Larnaca for Families: Things to Do

September 25, 2023
We know how hard it can be to enjoy your holiday in a beautiful city like Larnaca, especially when you have to entertain kids. Along with the beauty, the sunshine and the friendly folk, this Cypriot city also is very family-friendly. Whether you are travelling with tiny toddlers or moody teenagers, read more to learn how to make the most of your family holiday in Larnaca. Happy travels!
Thumbnail for What makes Larnaca so special?

What makes Larnaca so special?

August 31, 2023
Larnaca is a beautiful coastal destination in Cyprus, but that is not all that makes this a famous sightseeing city. Larnaca has everything from historic landmarks to the local culture and the near-perfect weather! If you're looking to visit a city that has the sun, sand and the sea, definitely book a flight to Larnaca. You can eat to your heart's content, rent a car to drive to Paphos, Nicosia or Limassol and even spend time gazing at the picturesque views from the beach!

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