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5 Exciting Things To Do In And Around Larnaca

September 04, 2018
Located closely to the stunning coastline of Cyprus, Larnaca offers a perfect vacation for every type of holidaymaker. This city holds a great historical background along with magnificent beaches, plenty of adventure and attraction to discover. Beautifully surrounded by palm trees, this is one of the Mediterranean’s oldest cities and whether you’re traveling with your partner, family or friends, this city will not fail to amaze you by its charm. Check out these 5 best things that you can do in and around Larnaca during your holiday travels.
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Best Brunch Spots in Larnaca

August 02, 2018
As a port city on the southern coast of Cyprus, Larnaca (Larnaka) gains undivided attention because of its large number of beaches. While you may spend all the time enjoying at one of the many beaches in Larnaca, be sure to head over and visit the Church of Saint Lazarus, which is an important landmark of the city. Also, since you will be wandering quite a bit, grab a bite to eat at one of Larnaca’s best brunch spots for extra energy!
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Larnaca’s Top Places to Visit with Kids

July 10, 2018
Located on the southern coast of Cyprus, the stunning city of Larnaca is a beautiful sight to behold for incoming tourists and visitors. The palm trees and the sandy beaches provide the perfect getaway for people wanting to relax and unwind before returning to their hectic schedules. The city of Larnaca also provides some of the most fun spots to visit when hanging out as a family, especially with your kids.
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Must Try Food in Larnaca

June 05, 2018
The coastal city of Larnaca has no shortage of attractions to see, including the numerous beaches. But, while the sightseeing can take up most of the day, you can try winding down the day by eating some of the delicious food that is native to only the Cypriot city of Larnaca. Check out some of the best local food, and we guarantee that you will be left wanting more.

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