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Larnaca Parks & Wildlife

Larnaca, a city well known for its stunning beaches and palm trees, is perfect for anyone wanting to relax during their holiday. Besides nature, tourists can have a family friendly holiday with their kids visiting one of the amusement parks in the city.

Places like the Hobos Amusement Spot provide ideal destinations with lots of outdoor activities for kids and family as well. These parks have the best rides, caf├ęs and eateries to provide an entertaining day during your visit to the place.

Camel Park Mazotos
Camel Park Mazotos

Camel Park Mazotos

Spend a whole day at the Camel Park and get a closer look at the imported camels. It's very interesting to see baby camels' first step towards life. You can also experience a camel ride and recall the memories of Arabian fantasies. Get a pleasure in feeding animals as well as explore the Noah's Ark, an old ship, which is home to a variety of smaller animals such as goats and birds.

Address: Kiti to Mazotos, Mazotos, Cyprus
Tel.: +357 249 912 43 / 244 327 11
Opening hours:
Summer (April - October): 9am - 7pm,
Winter (November- March): 9am - 5pm



The Patticheio Park is set north of Artemis Avenue, and it has been very popular for the 2km pedestrian trail since the late 1980s. It is home to a rare species of Cypriotic plants and animals. A stone walk from the Pattichio holds a very exciting open-air amphitheatre, which is clearly visible in the evening.

Hobos Amusement Spot
Flickr /julie

Hobos Amusement Spot

The Hobos Amusement Spot is located close to the coast, in the city of Larnaca. The amusement park is well known among tourists, adults and children alike, for the wide variety of indoor and outdoor rides. The park is the perfect destination for a family with a decent budget.

Address: Filiou Zannetou, Larnaca, Cyprus

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