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5 Ways to Ring in the New Year in Larnaca

Cerdit: Unsplash/weston m

The beautiful Cyprus is not just an island for beach lovers. This city is also popular among party-goers of all ages who love to mingle, drink & dance like there's no tomorrow! If you're in Larnaca or planning to make a quick getaway to a coastal destination, plan your trip today. We've got you covered on how to enjoy the New Year celebrations while enjoying the beauty of the city.

Watch the Fireworks!

Have you enjoyed the New Year if you haven't seen a fireworks display? Of course not! Fireworks are the bread and butter of any New Year celebration. From extravagant displays to the singing of the countdown as the clock strikes 12, you simply can't miss it! Don't forget to record it and send it to your friends.

Wander around the City Streets

The electric atmosphere in the city is the best time to explore. You can book private sailing tours, a walking tour or even a nighttime excursion if tickets are available. If you can't book a day trip, then just pick an alley and get walking. You'll find unique stores, souvenir shops and even small fashion boutiques all around the city. Support small businesses!

Grab a Hearty Meal before the Celebrations

Credit: Piqsels

New Year's Eve is without a doubt, one of the most crowded times of the year in any city. Whether you prefer to have brunch at home or grab a reservation at a local cafe, make sure you do it in advance. The restaurants, cafes & outdoor dining are mostly crowded so you might have to wait. The best part is you can fuel up and enjoy!

RSVP Your Spot for the Parties

The best way to get outdoors and social is by checking the events happening in & around the city. From parties ringing in the New Year, to nightclubs and bars having concerts & live DJ shows, there's a lot to do so you can mingle with the locals. If you're a social butterfly, this is the best time to get outdoors & thrive on the city energy.

Bring in Some Luck for the New Year

We all could use a little good luck now and then. And traditions dictate that ringing in the New Year while having 12 grapes as the countdown begins is the way to go! Whether you believe it or simply want to have fun, try out some local traditions and watch what happens! It might even be worth it.

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