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Where to Buy a Laptop in Cyprus

Credit: Unsplash/Anthony Choren

With the many retailers on the market, it might be hard to choose a reliable store for buying electronics. Still, there are some key factors to look for:

  1. All products are covered by a manufacturer’s warranty
  2. Costly devices like laptops are delivered by courier
  3. The store provides additional services like Installation of OS, etc.
  4. There’s a consultant available to answer your questions

If you are looking for a wide range of laptops in Cyprus, take a look at the PrestigioPlaza catalog. There you can find:

  1. Reliable laptops for average everyday needs, for example, HP Pavillion and Lenovo NoteBook. These models combine portability with optimal technical specs and are priced reasonably. For example, you can get a laptop with 15.6-inch diagonal, average CPU, and 8 GB of RAM memory under 600 euro.
  2. Portable computers for students and studies – Lenovo IdeaPad, Razer Book, and MacBook Air are equipped with powerful processors – Ryzen 7, Core i7, and Apple M2, respectively – to support multiple tasks and SSD drives to store all the data required. These would cost 900-1300 euros depending on the screen diagonal, RAM and SSD capacities required.
  3. Powerful business devices – HP EliteBook and Elite Dragonfly, Dell Latitude - would satisfy even the most discerning business users. The devices have a strong shell and are equipped to ensure an increased level of data security so you can work virtually from anywhere. Laptops of this class can also boast high productivity thanks to the latest Core and Ryzen chips, more RAM capacity, and better video cards. The price starts from 1400 euros.
  4. High-performance laptops for professionals – if your work requires running consuming apps, then you should pay special attention to technical specifications. Look for a model with an innovative chip, powerful video card, and capacious solid-state drive – MacBooks Pro, HP ProBook and HP Envy, and DELL XPS. The costs may vary depending on the specs, and a laptop of such a class with basic features would be sold for 1400 euros.
  5. Gaming laptops are specifically designed to support demanding games: they have upgraded video cards, better cooling systems, and wider screens. Many brands have released special lineups of gaming laptops – HP Omen, Dell G5, Razer Blade. The price for a good gaming laptop with upgraded characteristics starts from 2000 euros.
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