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Larnaca for Families: Things to Do

family on beach
Credit: Unsplash/Derek Thomson

We know how hard it can be to enjoy your holiday in a beautiful city like Larnaca, especially when you have to entertain kids. Along with the beauty, the sunshine and the friendly folk, this Cypriot city also is very family-friendly. Whether you are travelling with tiny toddlers or moody teenagers, read more to learn how to make the most of your family holiday in Larnaca. Happy travels!

A Day at the Beach

If there is one thing you won’t find a shortage of, it is the number of beaches that Larnaca has in every neighbourhood. Since this is a coastal city, you’ll find family-friendly beaches, safe for children with lifeguard support and even cafes and restaurants nearby for a bite or two when the young ones get hungry. We recommend visiting Mackenzie Beach or Finikoudes Beach!

Child-Friendly Tours

If museums or art galleries don’t sound fun, you can always book tours that are an interactive experience for your family. That way you get to learn the local history, and your little one has some fun along the way. Win-win! There are plenty of private group tours that are perfect for the family if you want to avoid the crowds.

Visit the Museums

Medieval Museum, Larnaca.
Medieval Museum, Larnaca.

Credit: Flickr/Sergei Gussev/CC BY 2.0

It can be hard to entertain kids every second during a travel holiday, but museums are a great way to combine education & entertainment all into one! Besides the Archeological Museum, there are historic medieval castles that serve as tourist attractions and also have museums to showcase the life of the people and the history of the buildings.

Fun Activities

Larnaca may have theme parks and playgrounds perfect for kids, but if you’re looking to do something together as a family, then try swimming! Water sports activities are plenty in Larnaca, so try out surfing, snorkelling, parasailing and water skiing depending on your interests. You can even opt for a sailing tour for the best private experience! Get active!

Relish in the Culture

The best immersive experience you can give yourself and your kids is to be open to embracing the new culture during your travels. Enjoy the local cuisine, experience local travel like buses and bicycles and check out the national parks and natural landmarks along with their origins. Give the kids a holiday they won’t forget!

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